New Yorkiversary

As a Freshman in college I dreamed of living in NYC. I knew a couple designers that lived or worked here and I thought they were the coolest cats in town. As a Sophomore, I traveled to NYC with the ACU design department to check out the museums, do some studio tours, talk with professionals, stare at graffiti, and to learn about outrageous rent prices. I think it was on that trip, sitting in Fette Sau in Williamsburg with some really chill dudes, that I decided I had to live here. 

Now it's been a year folks. Does this finally mean I'm a New Yorker?! As the great Brooklynite Mos Def once said "We all have some place where we come from / This place that we come from is called home / Even though we may love, this place on the map / It ain't where ya from, it's where ya at". New York feels like a second home now. It ain't home, but it's definitely where I'm at, and I love it more everyday.