Archer Ultras!

You guys, with this being my first official typeface release, I've been really looking forward to announce the release of the Archer Heavyweights for some time now. I started working on this project on my second day at H&Co., finished it up earlier this summer, and have loved every minute of it. As a designer, you truly learn a lot about type design when drawing an Ultra-weight extension. All the fundamentals of type design become very pronounced due to the increased weight and smaller amount of negative space. This causes just about everything to hinge on 1-2 unit moves – which nearly sounds backwards since there is so much weight to work with.

In Archer, I worked on many different aspects of type design that I didn't have much experience at or never even attempted before. This included very thorough kerning, comprehensive testing on multiple platforms, subsetting, and many other forms of production and mastering. Some people may say these tasks are a bit dull, but I actually enjoy them! These necessary endeavors taught me so much more about my project and type design in general. They also gave me further insight into what goes into a truly well-designed product. Anyways, I could blab on and on about how much I enjoyed designing fat Archer, but Jonathan writes much more elegantly on our site. Check it out and I hope you enjoy!