Today we released the second major project I have worked on in my time at H&Co – Operator! What an absolute joy it is to share this with everyone. I will start off this (hopefully short) post by saying it is not my own design. It was an incredible team effort from the entire H&Co staff but Jonathan Hoefler and Andy Clymer are the real heros here. I'll give a brief explanation below:

Generally, on most of my projects, Andy is my supervisor. During the Archer Ultra extension I was working directly with Andy since he had experience designing the original Archers. After that project wrapped up he asked if I could help out with Operator. I was giddy with excitement. I had seen some proofs around the office and loved where this project was headed. Also, we didn't have anything like this in our library. So to be working on the first H&Co monospace typeface was pretty darn exciting too. Operator has the right amount of digital style, but still fells natural. It's quirky, but still manages to behave seriously in complex settings. These are the kind of design problems that I love solving – how do you give a design enough character or personality without invading its usability or functional aspects? I dabbled around with this question some during my time at Reading, but ever since I joined the team at H&Co and worked on Archer Ultra, then Operator, it's now starting to become a serious interest of mine. As for many in the history of art and design, this balance of aesthetic personality and function is a welcome challenge and I have absolutely loved working on these projects and, in turn, learning more on this subject along the way. We hope you enjoy Operator. Check it out!