Label Craft

Far too often today artists and designers are overlooked or not accredited for their art. Bummer right? Ready for another one? Much of their work is sold and distributed all over the world, but sadly ends up in a landfill like your basic Starbucks cup (please recycle!). Yes, I am talking about beer, but don’t worry folks, I’m here to say the labels attached to this most choice malty beverage are most definitely art and the brilliant designers behind these thoughtful pieces deserve recognition (or at least to be paid!).

So, earlier this year I began a new project called Label Craft to archive my growing collection of craft beer labels. You can find it at @label_craft or check out the full, un-cropped images on Flickr. If beer isn’t your thing, please reconsider it’s hoppy goodness? If labels aren’t your thing, that’s fine! Peel ‘em off and send them my way. You’ll be thanked and accredited accordingly.

Here’s a few personal favorites. I hope you’ll follow along. Cheers! 🍻

WAVES (BØLGER) by Keith Shore for Mikkeller San Diego.

AMERICANA by Colin Healey for Prairie Artisan Ales

OH1 by Jeff Rogers for Transmitter Brewing & Other Half

HYPERSLEEP by Small Stuff for Other Half.

SIGNAL TO NOISE by Lauren Grimm for Grimm Artisan Ales

FRUIT FRENZY by Abbey Lossing for Five Boroughs Brewing Co.

Shiner Bock by McGarrah-Jessee for Shiner & The Spoetzel Brewery