Pencil > Pixel

Recently I have been reading more blogs/texts relating to typography and type design. The subject has always fascinated me, but the spark was reignited earlier this summer when I went to Monotype's "Pencil to Pixel" exhibit in NYC.

It was the week before I left for New York and I stumbled across the event – probably via one of the great designers I follow on twitter. The exhibit was free so I decided to check it out. Monotype (the global leaders on typography) and Dan Rhatigan put on a great presentation over the history of modern typography. They had it all. There were original printed books by Firmin Didot and John Baskerville, drawings by Eric Gill, and even a spectacular hands-on presentation over responsive design with web typography. It was truly a type nerds paradise.

I was very impressed by not only the typographic materials and near artifacts in the Monotype archive, but also the amount of knowledge and history that Dan was able to share with us. It was a great learning experience for someone invested in type. Maybe next year they will show the exhibit again! You will not want to miss it.  


* First picture from Monotype .