Graduate School

As my recent tweets suggest, I will be attending Reading University's Masters in Typeface Design program this fall. I have only recently secured this position and obviously I am very excited. I have known about Reading (30 minutes west of London) for a while now, but my interest grew whenever I attended the Pencil to Pixel exhibit in NYC this summer. Dan Rhatigan, James Montalbano, and many other designers convinced me that this was a fantastic career opportunity and that I should take it. I also reached out to many professors, alumni, family members, and of course, my girlfriend for advice. We all decided this was the perfect time in my life to pursue such a crazy endeavor. 

The program will last for one year and will cover the history, practice and creation of fine typography both Latin, and Non-Latin. Some activities will include handwriting, calligraphy, etching, stone carving, letterpress printing, drawing, and of course, typeface design. The course will also award me with a Masters of Arts which I will use to teach many typography hungry students someday in the distant future. More information on the course is here

I will be using this blog as a weekly update on what I have been doing at the Reading MATD. I will be posting articles and pictures of my travels, sketches, assignments and probably a few selfies. Hope you enjoy!