Thank you Cisneros and Santa Fe

I am extremely excited to travel to England and learn at Reading! But before that I had to make some difficult decisions. Unfortunately today, I turned in my two weeks notice. It was not an easy task. I have loved working at Cisneros Design and I have learned an incredible amount since starting here. So without any further ado, shout out time!

Fred Cisneros, the owner of the firm, gave me a wonderful opportunity at a job directly out of college. I cannot thank him enough for this experience. He also allowed us all to play darts, foosball, and "peach schnapps" (don't ask), at work. He also gave us a fridge full of brews to which I believe no amount of thanks can repay. All of these things gave Cisneros Design a really chill workplace environment. I cannot ever expect to have such wonderful coworkers or such an amazing office space. Truly an experience I will never forget. 

My creative director Eddie is one of the nicest and funniest designers I have ever met. She encouraged and inspired me on all of my projects and made every scenario fun and unique. My projects only became better with her guidance and direction. She also forced me to learn InDesign to which I am ultimately grateful.

My last shout-out is to a fellow Wacoan – Randy Stewart. Randy was the one that brought me to Cisneros. His mother ironically works in the space underneath my buddies Deuxtone at an art gallery in Waco. She told my friend Tanner about a job opening here at Cisneros. Fortunately, Tanner let me in on the job and told me to apply. The rest is history. Randy is a wonderful designer and friend. I've shared many a laugh with the Wacoan and wish they could continue. He is an excellent artist, creator, thinker, gamer, competitor, and dart-thrower. I will truly miss our nerdy discussions and his epic beard.

The employees of Cisneros are absolutely wonderful and I will miss them. To all of Cisneros Design I say, thank you. You have truly inspired me. Rock on.